Music Monday

Great way to start this week off. Remember Robyn from the late 90's? She's been back for awhile but I love how simply awesome this video is. There isn't really much going on except her dancing and light changes. Even though there isn't any flash it's electrifying.

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  1. I keep trying to convince you to write about your dark side, Ms. Pierson. About your Marilyn Monroe side. About your Twin Peaks' side. About your LA Woman side.

    But I realize you can't write that way. Family and friends read your blog. That's why you write about biscuits. Biscuits are safe. Your dark side isn't.

    But sometimes I think I see a ray of hope in your blog. Like this video.

    Do you know what the song, "Call Your Girlfriend," is about?

    "Call your girlfriend/ It's time you had the talk/ Give your reasons/ Say it's not her fault/ But you just found somebody new"

    That part's safe enough, I guess. But if you listen carefully, you'll find out who the "somebody new" is.

    "Don't you tell her [girlfriend] how I give you something that you never even knew you missed/ Don't you even try and explain how it's so different when we kiss"

    Will your L.A. woman soon be making her appearance?