If I was ever car sick when I was young and that happened a lot on the road trips to visit the Grandparents, sometimes the only thing that could make me feel better was listening to The Rolling Stones. I`m not sure really why, but maybe its because if I was crying for whatever reason my mom would put me in front of the t.v when one of their videos was on and I would stop all together and watch Mick Jagger. My love for eccentric men still runs true to this day.

It wasn't until I was a little older that I heard about Marianne Faithfull and years later that I fell in love with her style. Of course being a muse for Mick Jagger didn't hurt my interest in her in either. I must say I got the faith. She seems to have an ease about her that the camera definitely captured in her younger years. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Wednesday.  


my oh my oh my

Georgia May Jagger
Her father is Mick Jagger and her mother is Jerry Hall... 
Her photos make me want to get glammed up, go to rock gigs, cruise art shows and dance til its morning.





A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure modeling for GOLDENLUCILLE, all the while still having the comfort of being at my apartment. The store is a mix between vintage jewelry, shoes, and original designs by Christina Rose Tran. Christina is a very lovely and talented young woman! She made me want to go visit San Francisco right away running around in some of her darling dresses.     



I`m a horrible blogger. My margins and templates are a mess because my concentrated state always disappears.  I wanna be good, I wanna be great--it`s always I`s. What makes a great blog?

The ones that I read are about relationships, places to be and go if you're in some city, how to cook, and all that jazz. Then when I think about writing about events in my life I drift away someplace open but small. Not everyone`s life grabs me by the balls and makes me want to know. Everyone has a need to be known--we want to be in love so we can be known to somebody. I wonder if wanting the world to know us has taken the place of wanting a live being next to us, who knows us?

Some people don`t care to read about anybody else, and that is fine. I care to know because I`m always trying to see if somebody "understands."  Or if they are able to put my emotions into words that I can`t at that moment. Sometimes just to have a little motivation going on.

Miller and I have been MIA on the social scene for awhile now. Miller having the tendency to hibernate and I just not really wanting to party. I`m ready to get out of that state and to just go places. It`s funny realizing that some people just don't want to talk about David Lynch non-stop. Or how we all should be progressing forward. Proceeding and finishing projects. Finishing up. Cleaning up. Not giving excuses. Just doing it and moving it. Let`s face it, you can only talk about water for so long before it drys up. 

My skills for giving the small plastic party talk have disappeared.   

Image via Listal