Tuesday`s Tree

Penelope Tree.
This photo reminds me of a SciFi movie that I definitely would want to see. Pretty 60`s SciFi chicks running around. Yes.
It`s almost 2011 and I cant WAIT. 2010 was a hard year. I`m ready for a change and feel it coming. Maybe I feel stronger and more certain. Well I shouldnt say maybe because I know that it is true. Prepared and willing to make change happen.So see ya 2010 it`s been growing time and I cant look back !

Here`s to a AMAZING 2011.


Frances Deaton Terry

           My Granny Franny


It`s close

The New Year is coming soon and I feel more prepared for it then I have in awhile. This year I wanna truly let myself be me. Free from worry, lack of respect from multiple parties,and not letting clutter fitter my progress. Progress.Which is something that is outwardly seen and inwardly known. I hate that progress is something that humans judge of other humans. Sometimes it feels like a race on who can out-do the other. I would like to out-do myself and I know that I can. At times this spins into self-righteousness which is something that I feel has been a common theme of the past year. This is something that I would like to not do and if I notice friends doing the same thing I would like to speak up about it.It has hurt me to not speak up and hurt others that are close to me. In turn I hope my loved ones do the same for me.       
Growth. It`s starting now. In small ways but I`m trying to create habits that are not vices but will help for my personal growth. One being that I write more of blondunderwater for myself. How can I expect to have followers if I don't keep up? Another habit that I`m trying to create is to follow up on good ideas that I have. To not be afraid of just doing it. Just do it.Get it done.The other habit that I broke and am now trying to get back is walking a good amount during the week. Be good to your body and your body will be good to you.
 Everything will happen in time with good faith, patience, drive, hard work, and being true to myself.   

image via google and The Blonde Blog