Summer in the city

The Lovin Spoonful

   There is cheese-free pizza cooking in the oven while loverboy sleeps in the bedroom. I`m drinking a Stella and listing to bee bop on my new old sofa. This funny little happy feeling comes all over me because it`s the first time in weeks that I feel calm.  My nerves were shot from moving and on top of that dealing with school. I felt as if I were a chicken with its head cut off, flopping everywhere.  My attention span and communication skills were zero to null but somehow I managed.

   SO I now have a break from school and it finally feels like summer. Summer in the city and that can mean a lot of things. To me it can sometimes mean being lonely with a desire to just feel but I'm not lonely anymore. Now its meaning is a new desire to explore and to take action on the things I've been avoiding...  Did I mention there was pizza cooking in the kitchen???

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