A Yankee meets a Georgia Peach

24th birthday
  My special musician boyfriend is a Yankee. The kind of Yankee that bleeds American blue politics which is at times a very interesting cute mix with my libertarian/ mildly conservative ways of thinking. I`m a young woman who comes from the South. Growing up in Georgia I found it hard to be myself. Everyone I guess finds it hard to be themselves. Some seem more graceful about it early on while others "grow into themselves." Some maybe lose their way and some never find themselves.
  As a young girl (teenager) I was always determined to know who I was, what I liked, and to find more of something that seemed to fit me. Making it somewhat of a pain for me to relate to my girlfriends at the time. I had no true interest in boys. Of course I longed for a simple sweet relationship but my feelings were fleeting. At times I thought I should like someone--that was what girls did, right? But boys seemed to make my friends act nuts and at the core of it I wanted nothing to do with that.  It wasn't until later that I realized it was fine that I didn't have multiple relationships in high school. Thank you Jesus! My head was and is filled with ideas of going to California to be an actress. My boyfriend would be somewhere out there. Finally God graced me with the opportunity to go to school in Hollywood.
  I was shocked, my parents were shocked and maybe some friends were too. My parents are still in stock to this day that I made my move.  Life in Hollywood took some time to get used to. I felt as if I was in a haze that only disappeared 3 years later. Slowly, while the fog left me, I began to work in a special effects shop.  The year that I worked there was when I began to learn to move in my body as ME. But the boyfriend that I was looking for was not showing up. It seemed I had met every other Mike in Los Angeles before the right Mike walked over to me to say hello.
  He`s an imperfect blue Yankee and I`m an imperfect Georgia Peach. We defiantly have our own opinions and speak them. But we are learning all the time how to make compromises. He`s a Yankee that makes me laugh and fills me with love.

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  1. This was so beautiful to read, you guys are so cute together :)