29 Things

Photo by Erwin Wurm

I turned 29. It has/had me kinda bummed, freaked out BUT oddly feeling more in charge of myself. The feeling of being more in charge of where my life takes me is the most important one out of all these emotions.
SO here is my plan for this 29th year---I will do 29 things that scare me, I keep putting off, or I just always wanted to try. I'll be documenting these adventures as they unfold until my next birthday!
Here are five so far:

1. Get my ear pierced (again)---I let my ear piercings grow over except for one. I'd like to get them re-pierced and maybe a fun one like a tragus piercing.

2. Dye my hair baby pink (calm down Mom)---like Rachel McAdams on the cover of Elle in 2007.

3. Sing something with my sound man ---In grade school, I was a chorus girl. It was the only class I felt like I could relax and be my true self in. But singing solo---I start sweating and close down....AND it's all about doing things that make me SWEAT TEARS.  

4. Ride a roller coaster with my eyes open (again)---as a kid, I loved roller coasters but fear took over and I curl up like a baby on them now.

5. Take an improv class @UCB --- improv isn't something I'm comfortable with but I have a love/hate feeling for it. I've been talking about doing this for awhile now.      

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