A Year In Review

Adios 2012! Welcoming 2013 with open arms

What I learned: 

RESPONSIBILITY-- This seemed to be a theme for the Spring and Summer for me. There's an age that 20-somethings hit and it becomes totally unattractive/uncute to be the person to pass responsibility to others. I'd rather be the girl who take cares of those "terrible grow up responsibility's" instead of throwing it to others

BITCH--Gosh how I fell in love with this word. I'd rather be a woman who is up front with what she wants and doesn't want in life. A bitch but not in a rude way. Someone who is clear with direction.

ACTIVE--Whenever I start to feel the reds happening..I have to either stretch it out or walk it off to give me balance again. How could I forget/ignore this??? It makes anyone happy-- healing that emotional pain in us. I also have to remember to be active in my professional life because that also makes me see red, when I ignore my passions.

TRUE FRIENDS--I love them. I miss the ones that live far from me. But I've learned to not take my friends for granted. Friendships are relationships. You have to meet each other both half way.

ESSENCE OF COOL--For me, the essence of cool, can be people who don't try to do something because it sounds magical but just are. People like this seem to really listen to whats around them.

LISTEN--I can only complain for so long until I realized I needed to listen to what was happening around me, move on, and take action.

Here's to 2013!!! I'm SO excited to take what I came out of 2012 with and use it for the better in '13            

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