Horizontal, not to get it confused with vertical but hey it happens. How far is one supposed to go? Are we supposed to think the horizon tastes better or is that a sunset with a rainbow? My imagination isn't very high but is in the low calming area of my thoughts. She's learning something, taking things in so she can write past this horizon.


  1. I like your posting, Ms. Pierson. Perhaps the picture's of you, made to look antique. Perhaps the writing's your own.

    If so, then it means you're looking for something new to write. Something "past this horizon." Something earthshaking.

    Only a few weeks ago you wrote about biscuits. But there is a vast difference between biscuits and earthshaking.

    That's why I'm concerned. I'm concerned you'll wait and wait and wait for the inspiration for earthshaking. While you're waiting, you won't write at all.

    So, please write about yourself. Write like you did in your "Dolly Parton and Dust Balls" posting.

    Later you can write earthshaking.

  2. Mr. Rider-

    Good advise. I think I will stick to that.

    I did write this but it wasn't about me. Nice catch.

  3. Thank you for the explanation, Ms. Pierson.

    Here's wishing you and yours a truly wonderful New Year.