26th melt down

This past September I turned 26 and it's been one hell of a bumpy ride. It's a hard age with emotional growing pains and learning to really take care of one's self as an adult. My emotions towards everything are strong with a pain of fear and anxiety.

My fears have consisted of becoming a fake adult who has to fill in my life with societally approved life stages, the pains of a career, and the big one that everyone in America is talking about: money. It seems that I turned around and my friends are lacking lust in the fun carefree parts of life and the things we do to see each other lack enthusiasm. When did everything become serious? What happened?

My anxiety is in the fact that most of my friends are 24 just turning 25. It's a young age and should be lived with passion and a need for adventure. I'm terrified of becoming the woman who comes home from a day of work, makes dinner, watches t.v, and then goes to bed. It makes me want to scream my head off when I think of that. I don't want to be afraid of going places and learning. My creative side is dry, needing water. It's craving a boost so much that it hurts. Which makes it hard sometimes to want to always learn, experience, and live for a life of my own. IS this me becoming a 20something blogger writing about the pains of these short years? If it is, I would like a smooth ride with some grace and minus the stress. Thank you.

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  1. Well, you're wrong. About your creative side's drying up.

    Your posting is a creative one, Ms. Pierson. It's about mid-twenties' angst.

    Angst about life. About career. About money.

    About living in uncertain economic times. About no one's knowing what will be left of the country in a few years. Or the world.

    I like what you wrote. I like it far better than your biscuits posting. :)

  2. Is this it? Is this the end of your angst, Ms. Pierson?

    Just one posting?

    Does this mean that we -- your faithful readers -- have only a single, poor choice?

    Biscuits or nothing?