Summer in September

It's September. LA this weekend will be cooler but by Monday it's going to be Summer in September. All I wanna do is wear pantyhose, black 60s hot pants, boots, and red sweaters. Maybe mixed in there to feel like a Hitchcock character wearing those pantyhose. 

It's the weekend so enjoy this Gena Rowlands photo.

Photo via Google

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  1. Thank you, Ms. Pierson. I'm betting that a beautiful Southern Belle living in Los Angeles finds it far more enjoyable writing about her wearing "pantyhose, black 60's hot pants, boots, and red sweaters," than writing about her eating "biscuits almost everyday [without] remorse." (grins)

    And something else. The Gena Rowlands' photo is okay. But Ms. Rowlands can't hold a candle to you, I'm sure. Why not post YOUR picture?

    Anyway, here's wishing you a great weekend, Libby.