1. 4 months to get an agent
2. Run a race-5k
3. A getaway trip
4. Book a acting gig
5. Read more 
6. Invest time in yoga 
7. Girl time 
8. Be a good student 
9. Volunteer 

I figured this would be a great way to hold myself accountable for some of my goals in 2011, although I would not mind having a close friend hold me accountable for some of these goals. Sometimes when you involve a friend it can become messy and feel more like judgment. So having the social media world hold me accountable seems like a smart safe way. 

It`s Monday and I`m feeling the Monday crankiness. I`ll put a smile on my face even if it`s tough at times. My brain is racing with everything that I need to finish up. But one item at a time! So here I go Monday with a smile on my face. You cant catch this.

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