walk it out

 Who wouldn't love to walk under these pretty pink trees?

My brain feels tired and I`m trying to find motivation to just start moving. Drinking a bold coffee isn't helping me either. Green tea sounds yummy with some soy yogurt and a walk a little later. Walking clears my brain. Every time I walk, I`m pounding away frustration towards any situation in life that has upset me in some way. It calms me. Frees me. Gives me a happiness that I should always remember when I`m acting like a baby for getting me out the door for a work out. It helps me have confidence about moving forward in life. Lets me feel free in my body. My body feels excited after with tons of energy for anything. So I`m guessing I should close this and get my butt into gear. The day as started so here I go!!         


  1. gooorgeous trees! reminds me of the spring :)


  2. walking, or exercise of any sort always helps me clear my head. hope you found the clarity you need and do tell if you ever find a patch of trees like the one pictured--i'd sojourn from the ends of the earth to see that.