I`m restless and tired... My foot is tapping to go out for hours and explore...None the less something always comes up and it gets pushed aside...My feelings towards the go are ever changing but I am becoming happy again. The feelings that things can change and will change are all around me. Making me very excited again to be around friends and making new friends. I was being bored with conversations, self righteous attitudes, lack of excitement and being disappointed in myself. Maybe the months before I was turning 25 I was having some anxiety about it.  Whatever my feelings were during the summer they seem to have change and I feel in control of what my life is becoming. Making me feel strong again, not being afraid to tell my opinion towards anything. Not hiding what I truly find amusing or where I want to be in life. Confronting what needs to be confronted and not being afraid. The worst thing is to be afraid and not dealing with anything. Making myself feel stagnant because of these feeling of being afraid. I refuse to feel this way and will go strongly with confidence towards life's adventures from now on.

No longer do I feel restless with a tapping foot but moving swiftly with dancing feet. I will not return to my folly.           

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