I`m a horrible blogger. My margins and templates are a mess because my concentrated state always disappears.  I wanna be good, I wanna be great--it`s always I`s. What makes a great blog?

The ones that I read are about relationships, places to be and go if you're in some city, how to cook, and all that jazz. Then when I think about writing about events in my life I drift away someplace open but small. Not everyone`s life grabs me by the balls and makes me want to know. Everyone has a need to be known--we want to be in love so we can be known to somebody. I wonder if wanting the world to know us has taken the place of wanting a live being next to us, who knows us?

Some people don`t care to read about anybody else, and that is fine. I care to know because I`m always trying to see if somebody "understands."  Or if they are able to put my emotions into words that I can`t at that moment. Sometimes just to have a little motivation going on.

Miller and I have been MIA on the social scene for awhile now. Miller having the tendency to hibernate and I just not really wanting to party. I`m ready to get out of that state and to just go places. It`s funny realizing that some people just don't want to talk about David Lynch non-stop. Or how we all should be progressing forward. Proceeding and finishing projects. Finishing up. Cleaning up. Not giving excuses. Just doing it and moving it. Let`s face it, you can only talk about water for so long before it drys up. 

My skills for giving the small plastic party talk have disappeared.   

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